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Each one of us has friends and relatives, as well as a unique life experience. Each person has his or her own universe. Residents of Sélection Retraite have their own background and come from all walks of life.

But all of them come together to share good times and make really interesting new encounters in a place that truly resembles them. A living environment resolutely modern and dynamic, just like those who live there.

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When we meet someone new, what we are presented with is a glimpse into that person’s experience. And sometimes, we recognize ourselves in that experience. To get an idea of what life is like at one of Sélection Retraite complexes, read the testimonials of our residents. Who knows, they could be your future neighbours!

Michel Forget témoigne de la vie chez Sélection Retraite

Chaque personne a sa famille, ses amis, son expérience de vie. Chaque personne a son univers. Les résidents de Sélection Retraite ont chacun leur bagage et proviennent de tous les horizons.

Mais tous se rejoignent pour partager de bons moments et faire de nouvelles rencontres réellement intéressantes dans un endroit qui leur ressemble. Un cadre de vie résolument moderne et dynamique à l’image de ceux qui l’habitent.

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